Washed Up Celebs Who Used To Be Rich

Not all celebrities live a life of luxury forever. In fact, because most of them assume their cash flow is a never ending river, they end up throwing it around like it’s nothing, wasting their savings on frivolous things. Unfortunately, most celebrities peak for a few years before they’re old news, and are left with nothing but dwindling bank accounts and a washed up career.

Lindsay Lohan – Net Worth $500K


Before Lindsay Lohan’s time was spent walking in and out of courtrooms, she was at the top of her career. As Hollywood’s “it girl”, Lohan not only starred in several popular teen films but also was the industry’s top choice when television shows were looking for guest stars. Fame quickly went to her head and instead of focusing on her work, she began partying and showing up late to sets. Lohan soon became known for spending her time stumbling in and out of clubs, and was arrested several times for driving under the influence, cocaine possession, and assault. Now she’s not even worth a million dollars and is lucky to get a minor role in a spoof film. Bet she’s wishing she’d just called a cab!

Janice Dickinson – Net Worth $500K


It should come as no surprise that self-proclaimed original supermodel Janice Dickinson has had some financial issues over the years. The washed up model has had a difficult time aging, spending thousands of dollars on anti-aging treatments and cosmetic procedures, all of which failed to keep her name in the headlines. It seems as though any money she made from her days on America’s Next Top Model was wasted on plastic surgery. She eventually filed bankruptcy in 2013.

Tionne T-Boz Watkins – Net Worth $500K


Known for being part of the girl group TLC, Tionne T-Boz Watkins has had significant money problems. It began when her and the rest of the girls in TLC signed a crap deal with their record label, giving them only $0.56 per record sold. Split three ways, T-Boz only saw a third of that. Regardless of the group’s success and awards, they were never compensated for the time and work they put in. She was forced to file bankruptcy in 2011 with nearly a million dollars in debt to several different creditors, and hasn’t recovered since.

Emmanuel Lewis – Net Worth $500K


As one of Hollywood’s biggest child stars of the 80s, Emmanuel Lewis is most known for his role on Webster. Nominated for several awards, he went on to play a guest role in various shows and became a spokesperson for Burger King after Webster went off the air in 1989. Lewis was even known as a singer in Japan, where one of his singles climbed to the number two spot on the Oricon chart. He kept his fame up for a while by banking on his friendship with Michael Jackson as well as appearing on several reality shows and documentaries, including The Surreal Life, E! True Hollywood Story, and Michael Jackson’s Private Home Movies. Thereafter, the actor/singer has had a ton of money issues. Most recently, his Georgia home was foreclosed on due to unpaid taxes. Lewis failed to pay state, county, and school taxes from 2007 to 2010, resulting in a whopping IRS bill of just over $44K. He made an attempt at creating a record label, Flex Floss Entertainment; however, it was unsuccessful. In order to make money, Lewis was forced to test out his entrepreneurial skills by starting his own limousine company as well as opening a car wash.

Gary Busey – Net Worth $50K


Gary Busey is best known for appearing in films like Point Break and The Buddy Holly Story; but these days, he’s hardly worth $50,000. Even his attempt at reality television couldn’t jumpstart his career again, as he was on Celebrity Apprentice as well as Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Neither of these attempts helped to revive his career and he was forced to file for bankruptcy with nearly a million dollars in debt.

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