Most Shocking Stories Told by Celebrity Personal Assistants

source: youtube

Celebrities can have huge demands, so it’s up to their personal assistants to provide them with everything they need. Here are a few assistants that revealed some juicy secrets about the celebrity they once worked for.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love has a history of bad behavior and is considered to be one of the most controversial women in music history, so it isn’t surprising that one of her old assistants is suing her. According to Jessica Labrie, Love’s old assistant and “forensic research aid,” Love promised her $30 a hour, a full scholarship to Yale and the opportunity to work on a Nirvana biopic. When that didn’t happen, Labrie decided to sue Love for back pay. Labrie also claims that Love told her to hire a computer hacker and to send out fake legal documents. Love’s publicist denies all of these allegations.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s former personal assistant Jennifer O’Neill filed a lawsuit against the singer, claiming that she is owed money for being by Gaga’s side “virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That includes sleeping in the same bed with her, because she did not sleep alone.” O’Neill was in charge of Gaga’s schedule, credit card bills and making sure she had a towel every time she got out of the shower. Apparently, she is also owed money for snuggling.

Naomi Campbell

Top model Naomi Campbell is known for her confrontational attitude and for attacking several of her employees. Former assistant Amie Castaldo claimed the model attacked her screaming, “You [expletive] worthless [expletive].” The assistant also says Campbell bit her, pulled her by her hair and even head-butted her. Castaldo stated all of this abuse started when she booked the wrong hairdresser for Campbell. Clearly, Castaldo didn’t read up on Campbell’s abusive past.

Anna Wintour

The Vogue editor is known for her crudeness and her impossibly high standards when it comes to getting what she wants. Her actions and attitude were written about in the novel The Devil Wears Prada, which later became a movie starring Anne Hathaway. The book details an assistant named Miranda Priestly who received high demands from Wintour, including finding the latest “Harry Potter” book to send to her children and other ridiculous requests. Anna Wintour is famously known for her harsh and severe critique of her assistants and how she wants them to look.

John Edwards

Former Senator John Edwards’ assistant Andrew Young has one of the most shocking stories. Young was in charge of covering up Edward’s affair with Rielle Hunter, getting her a BMW and even taking out a lease in his own name for her. That wasn’t all; Young also had to falsely claim that Hunter’s baby was his to make Edwards look good. However, Young couldn’t take any more pressure and wrote a nasty tell-all book about Edwards, claiming the Democratic nominee for president slept with Hunter in Edwards wife’s bed and pressured her to have an abortion. Before the book was published, Edwards admitted to fathering Hunter’s baby.

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