Russian Billionaire Pays Millions to Have Elton John and Mariah Carey Sing at Granddaughter’s Wedding

source: youtube

We all have that grandparent who secretly slips us twenty bucks now and then whenever we visit them. Even though they know we have jobs, we definitely won’t say no to a little extra cash. But honestly, they love us and they just want to make sure we are doing okay in today’s crazy world.

However, some grandparents will go the extra mile to make sure their grandchildren are getting whatever they want and will spend an endless amount of money to make them happy. One grandfather, Valery Kogan, used his riches to give his granddaughter the most memorable wedding of all time. Let’s first mention that Kogan is a Russian billionaire. In fact, he is worth roughly $2 billion after making his fortune in the airport industry. Kogan is one of Russia’s wealthiest men and also owns Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport. Can you even guess what this billionaire gave his granddaughter for her wedding?

What’s a wedding without a band? But Kogan didn’t give his granddaughter Irene Kogan and new husband Daniel Kevey just any performer. The Russian oligarch shelled out over $4 million to have Sir Elton John and Mariah Carey sing at the wedding. The 19-year-old newlyweds and their guests were serenaded by both artists with Elton John singing a 12-song set, dedicating “Tiny Dancer” to Irene, and Mariah Carey singing her 2005 hit “We Belong Together.”

According to Daily Mail, Irene cried when Elton John sang to her, and I mean who wouldn’t? In a video, Irene is also seen getting on stage with Mariah Carey and dancing along with her as she sang. The Russian billionaire grandfather didn’t stop there. Kogan hired a number of Russian stars to perform and the extravagant wedding ended with a DJ set from producer Mark Ronson.

The lavish wedding was reportedly nine hours long and took place at London’s Landmark Hotel where a night can cost you almost $2,000. Besides having some of the world’s top stars perform on Irene’s wedding day, the affair also featured a nine-course meal with yellow fin tuna tartar and roasted fillet of dry-aged beef. Talk about having the wedding of the year!

A little more about the Russian billionaire– Valery Kogan’s airport in Moscow is the largest in Easter Europe, used by 30 million passengers in the last year. In 2013, the grandfather invested $100 million to build a mansion in Israel that is supposed to look like the White House. He also owns an $18 million mansion in Connecticut.

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