Everything You Need To Know About Barron Trump’s Lavish Lifestyle

source: youtube

Dubbed “Little Trump”, Barron Trump’s lavish lifestyle is no joke. In fact, it’s not wonder he and his mother won’t be living in the White House full-time as it would be a serious downgrade from their current living situation. Barron’s life will make you green with envy, as even celebrities don’t provide their kids with such obvious privilege.

He Uses Caviar to Moisturize

It seems caviar isn’t just something nasty that rich people put on crackers, but it is also the main ingredient in First Lady Melania Trump’s skincare line. At $150 per ounce, the president’s wife has bragged about covering her son in this stuff from head to toe each night before bed. The caviar is imported from Southern France where apparently it’s harvested at optimal ripeness in order to maintain all nutrients. While there’s no proof to indicate caviar is actually beneficial to the skin, there’s nothing like wasting food on something as frivolous as a moisturizer.

He Has an Entire Floor to Himself

Inside the Trump Tower, the president and his family reside in the building’s top three floors. One of these floors is entirely designed for Barron, and is considered his very own living room. And that’s just in this one building. The family also has a home in Beverly Hills, a beach resort in Florida, as well as a summer house in Bedford, New York. While moving into the White House would be an upgrade for practically any other family in the world, it’s actually a serious downgrade for the Trump family.

He Attends an Elite Private School

Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School has been around for centuries and even has a list of some seriously successful alumni including Herman Melville who wrote Moby Dick. With a steep tuition price of $37,000 per year, it’s safe to say that Barron has been receiving the best education money can buy. Even the schools in DC aren’t a match for the education Barron receives in New York City, at least that’s what the president’s excuse for going to the White House solo has been. Their decision to stay in New York has been causing more than an inconvenience for New Yorkers as it has become nearly impossible for anyone to walk or drive by Trump Tower. The problem has also transferred over to other parents with kids in Baron’s school, who are understandably concerned with the safety of their children as well as frustrated by the secret service causing traffic every morning they’re dropping their kid off. Talk about first world problems!

Barron Doesn’t Have a Nanny…But an Employee

In an interview in 2015, both the president and his wife Melania spoke of not having a nanny to help keep Little Barron in line. Trump even went as far as saying having too much help would prevent him from getting to know his son, right before he praised himself for being a great father. A great father who’s always traveling according to Melania, who also says she spends most of her time accommodating her son, chauffeuring him around to and from his daily activities. However, a few days after this interview, Trump did a second interview where he admitted to having a woman who works with Barron. A colleague? An employee? Who knows, but he certainly didn’t use the word nanny!

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